Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tom & Jerry

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

~云顶宪宪家族综艺秀~ 11月24日 2pm

十一月二十四 下午两点 本土天王吴宗宪和 Nono来到了云顶第一世界时代广场 举办了一场“云顶宪宪家族综艺秀” 的宣传活动 目的是为了在今年十二月三十一日的一场活动 当天的嘉宾会有小潘潘, 客家一族 小锺, Makiyo, 马国毕, Nono, 和吴宗宪...

签名会当天, 吴宗宪和Nono都搞笑了一番。 Nono也表演了一段Beatbox,太精彩了。当时,整个云顶第一世界时代广场都挤爆了人群,简直是人山人海。真希望能再次看到吴宗宪.....

Friday, November 23, 2007



周杰伦 ~蒲公英的约定~

伟大的厨师 Chef Tan MC

“ 他妈的,傻子,好极了.... ”









他已经到狮城, 也就是新加坡去了。
{ Chef Tan, we will miss u always~ }

Thursday, November 22, 2007


~ sEcreT ~


{ 这是 不能说的秘密 }

{ 我闭上眼睛 是为了看清楚你 }

{ 他 是我第一眼看到的人 所以只有他看得到我 }

{ 回去的钥匙是弹快的旋律 }

Follow the notes upon the journey

At the first sight marks one's destiney

Upon the voyage come to an end

Return lies with in hasty keys

~ 一个不能说的秘密 一个不可思议的答案 ~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We are Eight 8 girls..
-Friendship Forever-
Finally, we all ady 18 years old now.
No more child in our Eight 8 girls..

Dearest Chef Tan...

He is my Chef and also can say he is my lecturer.. His name Tan MC. We always call him as Chef Tan. He is such a good person and a good Chef. He always make us laugh and laugh.. He will let us relax when the exam is coming and in the class. We love him so much.. BUT he ady went to Singapore this morning 10.30am because he's going to be the Chef at Singapore!!! "Chef Tan, we will miss you always.. Take care!! "

mY Birthday...

"Happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday to Hui Teng, happy birthday to u!!! " Today is my birthday... All my friends,Jeffrey, Jessica, Ah Shang, KC, Sam, Mei Ying and my dearest Chef Tan came to my condo celebrate my birthday with me!!! Of coz my sis and another two hzmates, Winnie and Yasmine. I was syiok when they came. They came to my condo at 12am and they all ady pakat with my sis before,but i very happy although i got a very big surprise. They bought many cakes but all different taste,got strawberry cheese cake, grapes cheese cake, orange cheese cake, tiramisu, chocolate banana cake, and many many.. My sis gave me 1kg Famous Amos Biscuit. "Thank you,my dearest sis..." and also thanks to my Chef Tan because he had give me a small present and treat me a great dinner at Genting!! Something special for tis year is i had my birthday without my dearest bro..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whatever? Anything?

Today, my housemate, Yasmine give me some special can drinks.. She bought from Singapore. After she gave me, i was very surprise because the brand of that drinks are WHATEVER and ANYTHING... No wonder that day she asked my another housemate " whatever or anything you want??? ".. Haha.. It's really such a special things.. But i haven't drink it yet because i'm not willing to drink it.. Hehe..