Tuesday, February 3, 2009


10th December 08
我那些来自怡保的朋友到我们的美食天堂(麻坡)一日游。我和姐姐带他们到四马路 (贪吃街)吃东西,然后也去吃红豆冰...之后,我们也去了Tanjung,拍了很多照片...


Happy New Year 2009

We are celebrated New Year at Cabana this year. I went there with my boy friend and friends. During that time, we are really enjoyed it and happy to count down a new year coming.

~ Count down New year

~ Oh my god, kissing...

But got some funny's things happened...

Do you see an old man that wearing a shirt, white hair and took picture together with my friend at below??? He's funny and also a bit weird (I think maybe he is drunk already and maybe he is too open minded,haha..). Actually this old man is a Japanese, he can speak in English but all of us don't understand what is he talking about on that time. Haha.. He came to us and bring along with his beer, and said want to drink with us. Some things happen now, he asked my friend follow him go back to Classic Hotel... #@%$%$@#.... We are looking each other and laugh. You know why,because this old man already 70++ years old but he's still strong,haha... At the end, my friend forced to take picture together with him. Of course, me too. But my boyfriend was angry to him that time, then this old man only answer to my boyfriend one sentence :" she's cute.." hahhaahahah... Oh my god, this old man is really funny.. But i already deleted the picture that I took together with him.

~Old man and shiying.. "Shiying,actually you are happy or sad?? haha.. "

Monday, February 2, 2009


去了中国的珠海和深圳,还是觉得马来西亚好。哈哈...搭了船去珠海,也搭了火车去深圳。只觉得中国的东西很便宜,不过还是要小心被骗,因为我被骗了。买东西的时候,她们给了我假钞,害我还差点报公安,真刺激,哈哈 ...

~ 在珠海










~MGM Casino Hotel
~铜锣湾 (食物好好吃噢,咖哩鱼蛋,臭豆腐,阿婆豆腐花,汤圆,波箩包,小丸子...)





Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Story of "Ah Singh"

This "Ah Singh" story will makes peoples "Relax Singh" and only Malaysian will know and understand what meaning.

1. A Singh who is sailor?
> Kapal Singh

2. A Singh who attends a Chinese wedding party?
> Yam Singh

3. A Singh who is digging a hole?
> Menggali Singh

4. A Singh who likes to slap people?
> Tau Ba Singh

5. A Singh who is a gangster?
> Sam Singh

6. A Singh who is lost?
> Mis Singh (missing)

7. A Singh who is noisy?
> Bis Singh (bising)

8. A Singh who likes herb?
> Gin Singh

9. A Singh who kills people?
> Assas Singh

10. A Singh with one ball?
> Bal Want Singh (ball one singh)

11. A Singh with two balls?
> Balan Singh (balancing)

12. A Singh with three balls?

13. A Singh who is swimming in an iced pool?
> Kuldip Singh (cold deep sink)

14. A Singh who likes to drink soyabean milk?
> Yeoh Hup Singh

15. A Singh who owns a ship that sank?
> Titanic Singh?? No, he's Karam Singh

16. A Singh who was sacked from the national hockey team?
> Relax Singh

17. A Singh who likes roundabout?
> Pu Singh (pusing)

18. A Singh who is flying aroung on a broom?
> Sou Pah Singh

19. A Singh who is a three-star general?
> Sam Lap Singh (cantonese)

20. What do you call a Singh who likes to scold people?
> TiewNiaSingh

Time flies

Time flies. I have posted my blog since 30th may 08 til now.. So, what am I going to post today?? No idea. But I think I would like to share my experience that what I have already done during this half an year. Between this half an year, I have been my internship "training" at Everly Resort Hotel, Malacca. Start from 16th of June 08 - 28th Nov 08, I have learned many things that what we are going to do and how we are going to solve the problems in this real industry. Actually if really wants to run a business, that is not easy for us. I have trained in two department which is Front Office and Housekeeping. It's really meaningful and I really enjoyed it during that time.