Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy but Disappointed...

Chinese New Year is coming... hooray... but i need to study during the lunar new year... haiz... =(
new year is coming but final exam also is coming... wahahaha... so i hv to study hard from now... but i still hope i can "play hard and study smart", hehe... Jia You...

Friday, January 25, 2008

Don't like it so much... i hate it the most !!

Somebody like to show off to others.. like friends or one part of the others... but why should u show off?? what for?? i hate those peoples who like to show off in front of me.. of course not only me, in front of my friends also cannot!!! Somebody know tat we are don't like, but they are still like to show off.. F***er... " u like to show off, don show to us la... and you tot u are very fashion and very rich?? dreaming la u... " remember la, u are clown, not princess..!!!!

It's a reality social nowadays.. Every one like to follow up to fashion... Today, my sister told me that some of our friends like to take advantages from their admire or their male friends.. i think those guy are like a stupid course they are ady exploited by them still dunno...

p/s: for those avaricious girls.. maybe sometimes your friend only give u a simple thing, but it also a sincerity from ur friend, don be so insatiable... if the thing is belongs to u then it will by urside forever even thought u wan to throw it away also can't... but if tat thing is not belongs to u, no matter how hard u try to get it, it won't be urs ALWAYS...!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My Kitchen Practical Class

Finally, it's my turn to do dessert..
The dessert that we do today is "English Trifle"
Ingredients to do this are:
Sponge cake (cut into cube)
Fresh Milk
Corn Flour
Vanilla essence
& some accompaniment (like strawberry ...)

Remember, "English Trifle" must be layer..

They are my friends.. Michelle and Ming Sei..

These are wat we do...

During in process..

Three of us..

My pastry lecturer.. we all call her as Kakak.. Same height as me,wahaha.. :P


"English Trifle"

Good news!!!

Happy, Joyful, Delight, Cheerful, Glad, Excited, & .......

I'm describing my mood now.. is so excited...
Finally, that fatty move out!!! Hahaha..


Friday, January 18, 2008

Assignment again??

Oh my god...
Who can help me to solve it???

I got this question paper jus now,from one of my friend..
of my assignment is NEW RESTAURANT OPENING.
The question is " you have just been hired as the F&B Manager of this hotel which has just been names as WINSORS HOTEL. The GM has asked you to come up with the entire F&B Departments opening of the fine dining restaurant and the coffee house."

Question 1 is
" come up with an A LA CARTE menu, prices and name and for the menu prepared with a justification of the prices for this coffee house which you think is suitable for this hotel"

Question 2 is
" what is seating capacity of the fine dining restaurant and why?"
"come up with an A LA CARTE menu and price."
"think of a creative, catchy and attractive name for this fine dining restaurant."

Question 3 is
"prepare a snack menu and a beverage list comprising hot and cold beverages."
"come up with a price list for them."

Haiyo, who can help me???

I need to pass up on this 22nd Jan...
Chef Tan, thanks to give me some suggestion but i think i cant solve it..
but i will try my best to get the answer!!!

p/s Who else can teach me how to do???? headache... haiz...

Let's do it..!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Jay World Tour 2008

Jay Chou's Concert 2008!
23rd Feb 08
Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Yesterday, i went Mid Valley again with my sister.
We want to buy Jay Chou's Concert ticket.
BUT where is it the Galaxy Group Sdn. Bhd???
We are looking for tat..
Asking and asking...
Lastly, we asked an old traffic man who are standing outside the Mid Valley =(
Finally, we found Galaxy Sdn. Bhd!!

When we reached there, have many ppls ady waiting and queuing up to buy Jay Chou's Concert ticket.. =(
After few minutes, hahahaha.... is our turn to buy,hoho!! =P
First, the officer let us to see the seating plan.
Then we chose Block D.. (tat is followed by VVIP seat)

Official Receipt
(Wahhh... Total RM2326.00)

2 Rock Zone's ticket (RM 168.00)

5 Block D's ticket (RM 398.00)

my seat number is Block D, R26

Sunday, January 6, 2008

F.I.R [ Love Uthamine ] Showcase

Today, F.I.R is coming to Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands.
They have an autograph session here..
I go there with my sister and my friends.
The autograph session is start from 8pm, but we reach there at about 6pm.
( so kia shu..wahaha... =P )

When i reached there, fans of F.I.R ady queuing up there and waiting for the gate open.
When the gate is open, all of them run into Arena..
Of course, me too..
wahahahaaha.... =)

Big stage for F.I.R

ah qin's guitar

Oh my god, ask ah qin fit his own guitar???

link man - wen kang

Ah Qin (wWaahhH.. so handsome..)

Faye ( She is a beautiful lady..! )

Faye, are you looking at me???

Tonight, they performed 4 songs...
Is so good..
and I feel good!!!
First song they performed is "yue ya wan",
second song is "san ge xin yuan",
third song is "change",
and the last song is "di shi xing xing"..

But, when they are singing the last song, suddenly the electric failure..
But Faye still can finish the song, "di shi xing xing"..
WwwaAahhH.. her sound is nice without the music..!

Awhile after, electricity is regain..!!
and the autograph session is start!!

This is what they are sign in my album...

I think i will support them..
Hope i can go to their concert on Jun, 2008!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


F.I.R is coming...!!
This Saturday, 5th Jan 2008...
at Arena of Stars..

Showcase ticket.

Friday, January 4, 2008

#$@#%$ HATE @#%$#%@


i HATE those people who use my things without asking!!!

i very very angry!! This is not the first time already..
When i still in the first semester, got one fucker move in to my condo..
She said she don't wan to stay together with her ex-house mate..
BUT we haven't say wan to let her move in, she ady contact with my college staff say wanna move in to our condo!!

Fine, let u move!!!

During my study leave in semester 1, we all went back to our hometown
BUT this fucker bring a lot of outsider come and stay in our condo..
all the guys are
smoker include herself!!!

I hate smoker the most...
not only this, she also used our thgs as well..
ask her those "ah beng ah seng" sleep at our bed and use our blanket!!!
oh my god, tat's fucking smelly...
all of our bed sheet and blanket full of cigarette smell... SUCK...
after using oso din fold it back!!!

i very very ANGRY....
when i asked her izzit her friends used our bed and blanket, she said NO!!!
haiz... how come??????

now is second semester...
happen the same thg again!!!
my friend took pic for me...

What the hell???
carpet there is dirty u noe, stupid!!!

use my hanger???
oh my god!!
don't la...
but i think mayb she's has no more chance to use it...