Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Mei Star Tour Live in Malaysia 09 - Born To Sing

A Mei Star Tour Live in Malaysia 09 - Born to Sing
Date : 20th Mac 09
Time : 8:45pm
Venue : National Stadium, Bukit Jalil

Finally finally....... I bought the ticket ady. I went to Mid Valley with my sister yesterday, bought A Mei's ticket at Galaxy Office. All of the number seat already sold out, so that we choose RM298 and discount for 10%.. This is my second time to go to concert, really anticipate about it.


HuiHui said...

i wish to go too..
but no money~

sure shyiok lar.ah mei concert

huitenG said...

hahaha...very nice.. she's really.........dunno how to say!! luckily i got go,haha.. thx god.. thx to u too borrow me the camera..